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  1. 2016.09.30 Micro 130 DC Motor [D071]

Micro 130 DC Motor [D071]


* Specs

Motor Size: 15 *20 MM

Motor Height: 29 MM (bearing set, excluding output shaft)

Output shaft: 2 MM

Output shaft length: 9 MM (starting from the front panel)

Voltage: 3 V-6V

Speed: 5000 RPM (3V); 10000RPM RPM(6V)

Weight: 14g

* Contents

This is a general-purpose motor, a weak magnetic motor, which can be started by solar energy, suitable for small toy car, using 3-6V DC voltage.

- Key Code

int motorPin = 9; //D9

void setup() {  

  pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT);  //PWM


  Serial.println("DC Motor Input Speed 0~255");



void loop() {



    int speed = Serial.parseInt();





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