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  1. 2016.09.08 Round Force Sensing Resistor (FSR402) [S031]

Round Force Sensing Resistor (FSR402) [S031]






* Specs
Actuation force as low as 0.1N and sensitivity range to 10N.
Easily customizable to a wide range of sizes
Highly repeatable force reading; as low as 2% of initial reading with repeatable actuation system
Cost effective
Ultra thin; 0.45mm
Robust; up to 10 million actuations
Simple and easy to integrate


* Contents
- Connect
Right ----- 5V
Left ----- P10K ---- GND


- Key Code
int fsrAnalogPin = A0; // FSR pin Analog 0
int fsrValue; 
fsrValue= analogRead(fsrAnalogPin);
float voltage = fsrValue* (5.0 / 1023.0);
lcd.print("Volt=" + (String)voltage + " ");

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