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  1. 2016.09.08 Leap Motion Controller [S179]

Leap Motion Controller [S179]


* Specs

Leap Motion 3D Somatosensory controller mouse Gesture Motion Control for PC or MAC Brand New FreeShipping


The Leap Motion Controller senses your hands and fingers and follows their every move.

It lets them move in all that wide-open space between you and your computer. So you can do almost anything without touching anything

It's the tiny device that just might change the way you use technology.

It's a super-wide 150° field of view and a Z-axis for depth. That means you can move your hands in 3D, just like you do in the real world.

The Leap Motion Controller can track your movements at a rate of over 200 frames per second.

Package Includes:

1, Leap motion Controller

2, 2 custom-length USB 2.0 cables

3, Welcome card

4, Important Information guide

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7 or 8 or Mac OS X 10.7

AMD PhenomTM II or Intel® CoreTM i3 / i5 / i7 Processor


USB 2.0 port

Internet connection

* Contents

Basic Leap Motion Test.

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