433Mhz Button Smart Receiver Doorbell [S220]


* Specs


Wireless design,  Max. operating range can up to 120 meter in open area

Click Button Transmitter design, lifespan can up to 100,000 Clicks

1 million sets of auto-learning codes to avoid interference between doorbells

Transmitter/Bell Push is with IP44 waterproof, and with Flat Panel design, dust-proof, clean and convenient for using

Energy saving, plug-in Receiver working power consumption is less than 5W

Music and volume are adjustable, comes with 32 chimes, 36 Polyphonic melodies

The 12V 23A Battery is Included


Application: Suitable for villas, apartments, office, hotel, hospital and so on

Power Supply (Receiver): AC 110~220V

The plug is US EU standard.

Power Supply (Transmitter): 2V 23A Battery( Included)

Operating Range: 120 meters / 393ft (OPEN AREA)

Sound Options: 32 chimes, 36 Polyphonic melodie

Package included: ( with original retail box )  

1* main doorbell(only has EU US plug )

2* button (with battery ) 

2* Double-sided Adhesive

4* Screw 

1* English user manual

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433Mhz Wireless Door Contact Sensor [S212] 


* Specs


100% Brand New! 

Wireless door / window entry detector.

These sensors are used to 

protect the opening of doors and windows.

Easily mounted by adhesive tape to window or door.


Working frequency: 433 MHz.

Power supply: battery 23A(include).

Working distance: more than 100 m.

Working temperature: -10-50.

Size: approx. 70x37x15
Battery Type : Alkaline 23A 12V 

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Electromagnetic Door Lock 12V [S182] 


* Specs

Lock size: 28 x 27 x 19 mm

Material: Steel

Voltage: DC 12V

Working Current: 0.42A Max (at DC12V 20C)

Power: 5.1W

DC Resistance: 28 ohm±10%

Plug pin route length: 5 mm

Stroke and force: 0 mm- >=300 gf; 5 mm-- >=80gf

Unlock time: 1s, max power on/time < 15S.

Operation temperature / humidity: -5C --+55C (5%RH-85%RH)

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Wired Door Window Sensor 330mm [S140] 



* Specs

metals shield anti-fire ABS

connecting mode: N.C. normally closed

rated current : 100mA

rated voltage : 200 VDC

operating distance: more than 15mm, less than 25mm

rated power: 3W

No external power supply, connect to wired or wireless alarm control panel GND and N.C ports directly! Please note that this item not fit to iron door, It will decline magnetic of the sensor.

* Contents

- Key Code

#include <Wire.h> 

#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>

LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27,16,2);  // LCD1602

int pushButton = 2;

void setup()


  lcd.init();  // initialize the lcd 


  lcd.print("start LCD1602");

  pinMode(pushButton, INPUT_PULLUP);





void loop()




  lcd.print("S140:Window Sensor");

  int buttonState = digitalRead(pushButton);


  lcd.print("value=" + (String)buttonState + " ");

  if(buttonState == 1)


    digitalWrite(8, HIGH);




   digitalWrite(8, LOW); 




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