FM Radio Receiver Module 87-108MHz with Serial Control [S222]

* Specs


-adopt the advanced technology of DSP and FM modulation PLL to make sound more realistic, more stable performance,

long working hours without frequency offset.

-LCD display more intuitive and accurate, with very low power consumption and minimal noise interference.

-30 range digital volume adjustment, can be easily operated with keystrokes.

-Automatic memory data before the power failure.

-Automatically switched speaker and reciver output

-Adopt quartz crystal frequency stabilization, the temperature change is no longer receiving frequency drift.

-The professional audio DSP audio signal analysis and processing, automatic mute

no signal or weak when FM signal noise, get rid of traditional FM radio in the absence

of signal or weak signal when annoying rustling.

-Adopt digital incremental rotary encoder to adjust the volume and frequency, well handfelt,

precise positioning, stable and durable, 360°rotation without dead ends.

Support for serial communication control, able to use computer or MCU module device can control all functionality.


Output power: 500mW (actuate reciver), 3Wx2 (actuate speaker)

Frequency range: 50Hz-18KHz

Receiving frequency range:

Close the campus radio 87.0MHz-108.0MHz

Open the campus radio 76.0MHz-108.0MHz

Equivalent noise: ≥30dB

Supply voltage: 3.0V-5.0V

Channel: Stereo

Supply Current: maximum volume 1000mA, minimum volume under 60mA (for reference only)

* Contents

- Connect

VCC ----- 3.3V (3~5V)

GND ----- GND

ANT ----- Line 

Audio ----- Speaker

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TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module (TEA5767) [S109]  (0) 2016.09.17
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TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module (TEA5767) [S109]


* Specs

power supply: 5V

Frequency range: 76-108MHZ

PCB size: 31*30mm

With reverse polarity protection diode

With power output filtering sensor

Directly plug antenna interface

I2C bus communication

Multi capacitor combined filter

Blue LED power indicator

FM chip module TEA5767

Onboard 3.5mm audio interface

If connects with singlechip, only connect the Power Ground and two I2C communication cable


LC harmonic oscillator use low cost fixed chip

No need to adjust Intermediate frequency

High sensitivity(low noise RF input amplifier)

High power auto gain control AGC circuit

Soft mute

* Contents

- Library :

- Connect

VCC ----- 5V

SDA ----- SDA / A5

SCL ----- SCL / A4

GND ----- GND

- Key Code

#include <Wire.h>

#include <TEA5767Radio.h>


TEA5767Radio radio = TEA5767Radio();


void setup()



  radio.setFrequency(89.1); // pick your own frequency


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FM Radio Receiver Module 87-108MHz with Serial Control [S222]  (0) 2016.09.17
Posted by RDIoT

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