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  1. 2016.09.12 Google Cardboard VR 3D Viewing Glasses [B158]

Google Cardboard VR 3D Viewing Glasses [B158]

* Specs

Your about to purchase the most unique yet such a simplified device to hit 2014. Your very own VIRTUAL REALITY device.This is a simple and inexpensive DIY virtual reality glasses; Installation process is simple and can be completed within 3 minutes; With Cardboard App, you can DIY a virtual reality glasses, like Oculus Rift VR glasses.

Have amazing fun for the price of a few bags of peanuts.

Our kits are 100% top quality with the highest quality lenses ,For more details on what Google 

cardboard is, and where to get the app from see here:



Type:3D Glasses

Material:Cardboard + resin lens



Quantity:1 Piece

Suitable for every smart phone running Android 4.1 and above with a screen no greater than 5.1".

NFC compatible phones take advantage of the NFC feature of the kit. Non NFC phones will still work without this feature on your phone.

Installation process is very simple and inexpensive DIY Google virtual reality glasses

Note:This is an unofficial Google Cardboard VR Kit.This kit does not include NFC component.Cardboard applications can be run on most modern Android Android phones runing Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) & late versions of Android. Google cardboard App can be downloaded from google play store.


Package included:

1 X Cardboard

2 X Lens

2 X Black ceramic magnets

1 X Rubber band

2 X Velcro (already fitted)

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