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  1. 2016.09.13 VK-172 GMOUSE USB GPS GLONASS Module (VK-172) [S152]

VK-172 GMOUSE USB GPS GLONASS Module (VK-172) [S152]


* Specs

supported operating systems: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/CE 

VK-172 automatically adapt the baud rate, the baud rate has any data output 

Support Google Earth

C / A code, 1.023MHz stream 

Receive Band: L1 [1575.42MHz] 

Tracking Channels: 56 

Support DGPS [WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS] 

Positioning performance : 

2D plane: 5m [average] 

2D plane: 3.5m [average], has DGPS auxiliary. 

Drift: <0.02m / s 

Timing Accuracy: 1us 

Reference coordinate system: WGS-84 

Maximum altitude: 18,000 m 

Maximum speed: 500m / s 

Acceleration: <4g 

Electrical properties: 

Tracking sensitivity:-162dBm 

Acquisition sensitivity:-160dBm 

Cold Start Time: 29s [average] 

Warm start time: 28s [average] 

Hot start time: 1s [average] 

Recapture Time: 0.1s [average] 

Operating temperature: -30 to +80

* Contents

U-Center SW GSP Test

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