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  1. 2016.09.19 Xiaomi Mi Band 1A (XMSH03HM) [B001]

Xiaomi Mi Band 1A (XMSH03HM) [B001]


* Specs

Stylish TPSiV Material

Sleep-cycle smart alarm

Fitness monitor & sleep tracker

Dow Corning Skin-friendly wristband

IOS 7.0 (Or above) can use the function of Pedometer,Sleep monitor and Alarm.(Other function will be updated in the future)

Functions of sport data recording, sleep quality monitoring, smart alarm clock wake up,calls reminder(Need set in app)

Short immersion under normal temperature and pressure, when the housing is temporarily immersed in 1M deep water will not cause harmful effects(Not for swimming or diving)

The miband can unlock your Mi phone without a password(Use for MI phone only)

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