IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor 2-180cm (DIY) [S246]


* Specs


1.Many kinds of welding methods,vertical and horizontal,expand the scope of application.

2.With precision potentiometer to adjust the range of infrared 38KHz detection.

3.The sensor detects the band enable port,which is convenient for the signal line as the bus line.

4.On power enable the port of the high level of the sensor,the sensor can detect the output signal.

5.Detection range can be up to 1.2 meters.

6.The software is enhanced,and the infrared ray interference of the infrared remote control equipment can be avoided.

7.Using EEPROM to record the work of each module, the probability of interference with each other is down to 1%.

8.Signal low level output.

9.Pin SIP head,application of bread board or through hole project.

10.Board set the jumper JP,short circuit when the output signal has a latch function,or dynamic output.



1.Power requirements:5 VDC

2.Communication:digital high/low output

3.Working temperature:32 to 158 degrees F (0 to +70 degrees)

4.Size:2.4cm * 2.8cm



1.Warehouse door switch (latch set)

2.Security alarm system

3.Automatic production line transportation belt object count

4.Robot control


Package Included:

1 * 38KHz IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Switch

* Contents

- Connect

EN ----- X

SIG ----- D2

VCC ----- 5V

GND ----- GND

- Key Code

int T = 2; // INPUT PIN


void setup()



 Serial.println("Arduino Examples - IR Sensor");


 pinMode(T, INPUT);



void loop()


 if (LOW == digitalRead(T))


 Serial.println("IR Detected"); //detected








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