Remote Music USB MP3 Decoder Module [B124]

* Specs

100% brand new and high quality

Decoding board size: 10.8 * 2.5 * 3cm

Remote Dimensions: 8.5 * 4 * 0.5cm

Power Supply: DC 5V


A, configure the production of simple sound, controllable players, home appliances, industrial applications.

B, upgrading the ordinary the acoustics, so the acoustics can play MP3 files within the U disk and within the SD card easily.

C, in conjunction with other modules, circuits, equipment, secondary development application, used in toys, gifts, fitness equipment, household appliances, broadcasting systems.

Main Function: A highly integrated single-chip multimedia MP3 audio decoder board, the new interface AUX external source.

1, FM radio bands: 87.5--108Mhz, AUTO search AUTO storage units, antenna customization.

2, AUX external source function; input volume is adjustable, very strong anti-jamming capability.

3, MP3 playback function. Support U disk / SD card playback, maximum support MP3 format 320Kbps, play smooth, sound superb.

4, 4pcs 8LED digital tube, showing a clear pattern of the current function.

5, infrared remote control, can receive signal strength over long distances (10 meters).

MP3 panel keys and the remote control button operation Description:

1, In the state of MP3, short press VOL- to the former song, press VOL + to the next song, long press VOL- to decrease the volume, press VOL + to increase the volume.

2, FM state. press the MODE button to adjust to FM mode, long press SCAN button for automatic search and auto-save radio stations, long press VOL + to increase the volume, short press VOL + to select the next one automatically stored stations; long press VOL- to decrease the volume, short press VOL- to select the former stored station.

3. Pause function keys in the MP3 mode: Short press the SCAN key, MP3 player function is in a suspended state.

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