LM2596 LED Voltmeter DC-DC Step-Down Module (LM2596S) [B165]


* Specs

With a voltage meter and voltmeter displays self-calibration. Uses a more advanced microprocessor voltage voltmeter error ± 0.05V, Range 0 ~ 40V. (To ensure accuracy voltmeter, make sure the input voltage of 4.5V and above)

Touch of a button to switch the input or output voltage measurements and has a light show which is being measured voltages, and save the settings, even the power off and then on.

Voltmeter can be turned off when not needed touch of a button you can easily achieve the left.

With terminals, no soldering iron can also be easy to use, and to retain bond wire connection points.

Input Voltage 4.0 ~ 40V. (Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage of 1.5v or more)

Adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V ~ 37V continuously adjustable. (Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage of 1.5V)

Output current 3A, recommendations within 2.0A use, high current needed to enhance heat dissipation.

Output power 20W, 15W, please enhance heat dissipation over.

High conversion efficiency, on average 88% (efficiency and the input and output voltage, current, pressure related)

With reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity does not burn

Size 6.1 * 3.4 * 12cm (L * W * H)

Weight: 22g

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