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  1. 2016.09.17 CC2540 BLE Protocol Analyzer (CC2540) [S173]

CC2540 BLE Protocol Analyzer (CC2540) [S173]


* Specs

Function characteristics:

Size: 4.5 * 1.7 cm

Small volume, light weight, leads to download port and common IO port, standard 1.27mm pin interface

Frequency band, the working frequency is 2.4GHz

Wireless transmission rate up to 1Mbps

Power: receiving the current <20mA, the emission current <25mA

The use of PCB antenna, extended the receiving distance.

With the SmartRF Packet Sniffer can achieve Bluetooth low energy BLE protocol analyzer function, with the CC2540_USBdongle_HostTestRelease_All.hex firmware can use BTool as a PC host computer

The official design, compatible with all the official application. The whole network only ultra narrow frame design.

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