Amazon Polly + Google Home + Sonoff wifi [P018]

GitHub :

* Parts

Google Home AI Speaker [B187]

Sonoff ITEAD WiFi Switch Module (ESP8266) [S198]

Amazon Polly TTS [P017]

* Contents

- Install AWS CLI in Raspberry Pi


$ unzip 

$ sudo ./install -i /usr/local/aws -b /usr/local/bin/aws

- Config AWS CLI

$ aws configure

- Java amazon polly development

 : maven : pom.xml :

 : Source :

 : Binary : polly_sonoff.tar.gz

 : command.txt : ON or OFF 

- Sonoff Work with Google Home 

- How to connect Sonoff smart ewelink to Google Assistant

1) Tap Home control in Googlt Home App Menu

2) Uner Devices, tap the + icon in the bootom right. (add devices)

3) Tap Smart We Link 

4) Enter Your eWeLink account email/phone number. (need countrycode and account, password)

5) After Logging in successfully, it will display the device.

- Run java amazon polly application

$ java - jar polly-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar 

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