DC 5V Amplifier Board 3W+3W Class D (PAM8403) [B122]


* Specs


Can use the computer USB port 5V power supply

or using a mobile phone charger USB port 5V power supply

battery power can also be used

high efficiency:90%

can provide 3W (left channel) +3 W (right channel) output power in the 4Ω load and 5V power supply conditions

A class, B class amplifier such efficiency is only about 30%

D class amplifier is highly respected today

D class amplifier efficiency is extremely high, not because of temperature affect the sound quality

but do not add heat sink and take less space

noise canceling circuit was built in the amplifier board

power on / off without pop noise

module has a short-circuit current protection and over-temperature protection


LCD TVs, monitors,


Portable Speakers

Portable DVD players, game consoles

Phone / speakerphone



Operating voltage: 2.5V-5.5V

Speaker With:4-8ohms  recommended:4 ohms

Speaker Power :2-8W

Size:21 x 18 x 3.4mm(L x W x H)

Color:As the pics show

Net weight:1g

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