MCH-K305D DC Switching Power Supply 30V 5A (MCH-K305D) [B029]

* Specs

Model No. MCH-K305D

Line Voltage 200-240VAC,50Hz-60Hz

Input Current (at 220VAC,full load) 0.9A

Output Voltage Range 0-30V

Output Current Range 0-5A

Voltage Display Accuracy ±0.5%

Current Display Accuracy ±0.5%

Efficiency >85%

Load Regulation(10-100%) 50mV

Line Regulation(200-240VAC) 20mV

Ripple & Noise(P-P) 50mV

Load Regulation(10-100%) 20mA

Line Regulation(200-240VAC) 20mA

Ripple & Noise(p-p) 20mA

Operating Ambient -10°c to + 60°c, 30%RH to 90% RH

Size 7(W) x 16(H) x 22(D)cm

Weight 1.35kg

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