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  1. 2016.09.17 IR Wave sensor switch DC8-24V (HN-C009A) [S144]

IR Wave sensor switch DC8-24V (HN-C009A) [S144]


* Specs

1.type:                   Close to the induction switch

2. Model:                     HN-C009A

3. Power supply:             DC8-24V

4.  Output Voltage:           DC8-24V/4A

5.Power:                 24W(max)

6. Sensitive Angle:           10degrees

7. Super sensitivity:           0.1- 5CM Distance 

8. Working:                     5CM Something is blocking the sensor head,     The first wave open output,Second waved off the output.  The third wave open output,  Continuous cycle

9.Output line:                 15CM

10.Sensor line:               45CM

11. Product Size:                 77*10.8*8.5mm  (L x W x H)

12. Sensing probe Size:     13.4*6.8*10.3 (L x W x H)

13.IP Rating:             IP50

14.Housing Material:       PC

15. Housing Color:         Black 

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