RF Upconverter For SDR [B069]


* Specs


Female SMA for both input and output for a wide array of connectivity options

In-line SMA connectors.  Much easier to connect and manipulate than side-by-side SMA connectors

Antenna protection on RF input; in-circuit in both enable and passthrough mode

Solely high-quality components used in the RF signal path

Powered by common USB-B USB for a multitude of power options

RF-suitable power supply regulation (TPS79333)

PTC fuse on USB power input to protect your upconverter from short circuits

Upconverter enable/passthrough toggle switch--less fiddling with small, delicate cables and connectors

Socketed oscillator for a simple upgrade path

Stable 25ppm oscillator included

LO disabled in passthrough mode

High-quality 2-layer PCB with ENIG finish

Fully assembled and ready to use

Designed to fit standard off-the-shelf Hammond enclosures

2 mounting holes for standard PC screws

Designed and manufacturered in conjunction with Opendous Inc., an excellent open-hardware design company

Full project documentation--schematics, PCB design files, assembly information--is freely available (see link above).  DIY'ers rejoice!  We will have a limited number of bare PCBs available for those who want to 'roll their own'

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be used to support this and other open-hardware, open-source initiatives



Before operating your unit for the first time, and every time you run with a new SDR, we recommend running the tuning procedure located here.  It is not a mandatory procedure but may help fine-tune your, erm. tuning.  Pop the included oscillator into its socket and you are ready to go!

Operating the unit is very simple:

Connect your antenna to the RF input

Connect your SDR to the IF output

Ensure your toggle switch is in the enable position

Plug your USB power source into the USB-B USB jack

Fire up your favorite SDR software.  Tune to 125MHz (+/- the tuning offset from the tuning procedure) + your desired frequency and enjoy!

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RF Upconverter Test with HackRF One

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