RGB LED Controller Dimmer 3 Channel DC12V - 24V 9A [B206]


* Specs

This LED Dimmer/RGB Controller can be used as a 3 channels LED single color strip light dimmer a LED RGB module / Flexible LED Strips as a static color controller.

Universal Red/Green/Blue(RGB) dimmer-konbs can be used to adjust Red, Green and Blue from 0 to 100 percent for full range color creation. Endless RGB color combinations.

Installation is quite easy, power up the unit with 12 to 24V DC power source and connect 3 output connection to RGB LED strip light or a Solid Color LED strip light. Electric wires and cables are easily connected to the unit through screw down connectors, which makes 100% secure connections.


For RGB LED strip controlling and dimming each color independently.

For solid color LED strip with 3 independent channels

For dynamic White LED strip, controlling color temprature

For RGB modules

Input voltage: DC12V-24V, 108W (12V )/ 316W (24V)

Output: 3 channel

Max load current: 3 Amps/channel (9 Amps total)

IP rating: IP-55

Size:5.12*2.62*2 inches

* Contents

- LEFT Connect 

+ - 12V

- - GND

- RIGHT Connect

COM - +

R - R

G - G

B - B

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