Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Decoding Board Module [B147]

* Specs

This product support recording function.

In the state of AUX long press mode key to enter the recording, the premise is to have U disk or SD card

Can also be in the U disk or SD card state long press play button to choose play the recording.

Function characteristics:


* supported formats: APE FLAC WAV to WMA MP3

* version 4.0 bluetooth chip

* special android APK apple apps for player control operation

* bluetooth push to save in hand pattern in the music scan transfer via bluetooth to players

* mobile phone can read U disk inserted in decoding board/music files in SD card Displayed in the mobile phone Operating as a local file

* radio function, can directly control the automatic searching, manually selected frequency fine tuning

* audio input function, can realize AUX input signal transfer function

* 7 section of the EQ can change automatically presented seven sound effect, to choose from.

DAE will work sound function Can choose virtual bass The high increase. 

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