Sound recordable module 10sec [S191]

* Specs


With speaker, microphone and button

Record your own message

Great for greeting cards


Designed for cardmaking and other similar projects.

Allows you to add sound to custom made cards using your own papers and decorations.

Can also be used in printed card projects.

Mounted on a crystal clear backing for a cleaner, more look.

The built-in voice recorder allows you to record up to a 120 second message. If you make a mistake you can re-record your message


Play Life: 200 plays

Shelf Life: 2 years

Power: 2 button batteries (included)

Recording time: 10 seconds

Speaker diameter: 4cm

Color: Black

Material: Plastic + Metal

Net Weight: 17.6g

* Contents

- Connect


Recoding LED

Record Start/Stop

Play Start/Stop

0.5W 8Ohm Speaker

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